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What is this for?

In order to verify your ethOS Panel, your rig needs to send a token to it. The ethOS panel will count up your total license purchases for your account and will apply it to your panel.

If you have fewer licenses than rigs, your panel will display a verification message. Tokens do not have any personally-identifiable information and are sent privately and securely.

The only way to legitimately verify your ethOS panel is to use gpuShack licenses. The current, best, standardized, non-negotiable prices for ethOS licenses are available at gpuShack under "Minimum Order Quantity Promotional Discounts." You can apply the discount during gpuShack checkout in the "Promo code" box.

How to verify ethOS Panel with ethOS Panel Authentication Token ("token"):

Watch the EthOSdistro Panel Authentication Walkthrough Youtube Video Guide.

How to get your gpuShack login information and token(s):


How to import your token into an ethOS rig:
  1. Login to an ethOS 1.3.1+ rig. If you don't have any 1.3.1+ rigs, upgrade at least 1 rig per account/panel to ethOS 1.3.1
  2. Copy and paste your token into the file /home/ethos/token.auth on just one of your ethOS 1.3.1+ rigs using the Copy/Paste Guide.
  3. If you have more than one token, copy/paste your tokens into different ethOS 1.3.1+ rigs.
  4. If you have more than one panel, copy/paste your token into different ethOS 1.3.1+ rigs on different panels.
  5. Run update to have your rig send the token to your panel, or wait 5 minutes for your rig to send it automatically. Your panel will become verified if you have purchased at least one license per rig.

Note: If you do not have remote access to your rigs or are otherwise not able to login to them, contact your hosting provider and ask them to install the token for you.