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ethOS 1.3.3 changelog (released October 9th 2018)

Major Changes
Increased speed of Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji GPUs (HD 7900 / R9 280/x / RX 380/X) by allowing them to run on AMDGPU instead of FGLRX.
Added AMDGPU for Tahiti with conf options legacydriver [worker] amdgpu / globallegacydriver amdgpu (amdgpu OR fglrx).
Added claymore-legacy (v 10.2) to be used with Tahiti on AMDGPU in order to increase hashrate for these GPUs.
Added support for progpowminer, lolminer, progpowminer-single, ethminer-single (single for running one instance).
Renamed all instances of tdxminer to teamredminer
Added graph that displays hashrates discreetly on a per-miner basis, available by clicking on "total hash" on the ethOS stats panel.
Added graph for Alive GPUs to more easily determine flaking rigs, available by clicking on the x/x GPU count on the ethOS stats panel.
Added support for pduname, pduport, and pduip in the config file, and displaying that data in the ethOS stats panel/API.
Updated ohgodadecode from ddobreff's Github, and updated the ethOS source page respectively.
Added support for lolminer, an AMD equihash 144_5 miner.
Added xmr-stak 2.4.7 and published it to the ethOS miner repository.
Added ethminer 0.17.0.dev1 with CUDA 10 and added it to the ethOS miner repository.
Added progpowminer 0.15.x and 0.16.0dev1, added correct version gather for them, and committed them to the ethOS miner repository.
Added support for RTX 20xx by packaging NVIDIA 410.57 drivers.
Added support for the DisruptX ethOS Monitoring Bot.
Moved the ethOS support channel from Freenode to Rizon, and updated all scripts / site pages / DNS with regards to the move.

Bug Fixes
· = fixed by patching 1.3.3, can be installed by re-running update)
· Fixed ethminer crashing caused by upstream getwork bug by autoforcing all stratumproxy enabled to run stratumproxy miner
· Fixed some issued with running stratumproxy coinotron associated with the ethminer upstream getwork bug.
· Fixed cases of ethminer not updating correctly due to improper miner shutdown, resolving the error: "Invalid argument: -P"
· Create a hotfix for resolving the error MEMORY ALLOC FAILED with sudo hotfix install-xmr-memfix
· Refactored legacydriver support to perform switching more reliably, and added instructions for it to the ethOS Knowledge Base.
· Fixed an issued associated with ethOS 1.3.3 rigs not receiving the patch properly.
Fixed some cases where some VEGA GPUs did not apply overclocking correctly, even though the overclocking log indicated they did.
Prevented errors with progpowminer by forcing it to use stratumproxy miner regardless of config setting.
Rewrote miner management logic to function correctly for ethminer 0.16.x and to support ethminer's new pool schema URLs.
Fixed issue associated with update-miner issuing a "failed to extract.." error in some cases.
Fixed kernel portions of setting and displaying VEGA voltage.
Fixed a driver package issue associated with installing older versions of ewbf-equihash and added logic for correct version installation.
Fixed the ethOS IP/hostname gather methods so that docker containers do not cause them to change.
Required the use of an authentication token for downloading ethOS from ethosdistro.com
Fixed some equihash mining problems by removing --pers ZeroPoW from the default ewbf-equihash startup flag.
Fixed cases where shell did not exit cleanly when using r
Fixed an issue where a "bad file descriptor" error caused updating issues due to the use of non-standard terminals.
Added support for RebTech motherboards by creating a workaround for AM4 APUs.
Created Docker install script sudo hotfix docker-install for end users to use to install docker-ce packages.
Used crc deterministic wait to reduce sine wave of webhook reporting.
Fixed incorrect initial power limit on Fury / FuryX / Fiji when used on AMDGPU.
Fixed issues associated with incorrect ethminer startup when using the disallow during miner startup.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Added watt-per-miner in hover-focus of globalhashrate and added per-rig watt total column in ethOS stats panel and ethOS API.
Fixed issued associated with version collection for teamredminer
Deferred to ethos-smi to gather core/mem clocks for AMDGPU.
Used --display-interval in ethminer startup to reduce choppiness of polling/scrolling speed (to more easily determine crashes).
Added links to new per-miner graphs to the ethOS stats page, and added global graphs links to the bottom of global graphs pages.
Added instructions for using xmr-stak to the ethOS Knowledge Base.
Cleaned up gethelp output formatting and prevented cases where formatting became non-standard.
Added lolminer and ewbf-equihash config output to gethelp
Added a netstat command to gethelp to show tcp connections and help troubleshoot possible miner API problems.
Added cat -A option to gethelp that displays hidden characters in config files, to assist with diagnosing issues related to them.
Fixed a problem where ethOS stats panel and gethelp links always showed "invalid miner."
Updated the ethOS pre-boot screen and updated amdmeminfo to properly distinguish between VEGA 56 and VEGA 64.
Cleaned up and separated old archived ethOS images from current ethOS images.
Optimized space usage for ethOS historical graphs by encoding data more efficiently.
Made the download page load more quickly by only checking API for CDN servers after user agreed to the ethOS Terms of Service.
Added ability to see total license count and authentication token via the gpuShack order confirmation email account page.
Added total license count to the ethOS API.
Enhanced and supported method of authenticating tokens that further protects end-user privacy.
Found more instances and displayed more warnings regarding possible malware associated with torrented versions of ethOS.
Fixed a cosmetic issue with displaying the ethOS download URL.
Fixed a case where CPU temperatures showed zeros in the ethOS stats panel graphs.
Added a status condition for "crashed gpus" in the ethOS stats panel.
Created a docker buildscript for xmrstak, available at sling00's Github.
Added support for sending environmental temps (can be gathered by user-supplied connector scripts).
Updated pci.ids to include better descriptions for VEGA and GTX 1060 based on GP104.
Updated amdgpu.ids to properly identify RX 470/480/570/580 and others.
Added pci.ids for RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080 TI.
Added a script to remove the anniversary wallpaper using sudo remove-anniversary

ethOS 1.3.2 changelog (released July 31st 2018)

Major Changes
Added support for Radeon RX VEGA: for all miners, overclocking, reporting. Note: Does not support mixing RX VEGA with other RX GPUs.
Added avermore ewbf-equihash nevermore tdxminer xmr-stak xtl-stak
Updated miner versions to: claymore 11.9, dstm-zcash 0.6.1, sgminer-gm 5.5.6-ethos1, ccminer 2.3.0-tpruvot-ethos8
Added support for update-miner to install specific miner versions (example: sudo update-miner claymore 11.0).
Added ability to disable GPU LEDs on compatible supported NVIDIA GPUs using the globalled disabled config option.
Added display of total farm power usage to the ethOS stats panel.
Updated AMDGPU driver to version 18.10 to allow native VEGA support.
Added globalvolt config option for AMDGPU GPUs.
Added nvidia-unload to assist in flashing NVIDIA GPUs.
Added memtester to ethOS to allow for debugging of bad RAM.
Added Cynixx3's poolping script, which pings the top pools and reports options.

Bug Fixes
Increased NVIDIA overclocking speed and prevented undue system load during the boot process by reducing nvidia-settings calls.
Fixed a bug that prevented maxgputemp from setting correctly; either maxtemp or maxgputemp can now be used.
Fixed update-miner and ethos-update to allow updates to download despite user-related firewall devices.
Fixed an issue that prevented ethos-update reupdate from executing correctly in some cases.
Fixed some issues that prevented ethos-update from updating very old versions correctly.
Added a dedicated failover server for serving update files.
Added better support for xmrV7 and updated default miner profiles for ccminer and sgminer-gm-xmr to default to xmrV7.
Fixed an issue that prevented a rig from sending an initial update to the ethOS stats panel very early in the boot process.
Optimized NVIDIA overclocking and fixed an issue that sometimes prevented NVIDIA overclocking from ordering GPUs correctly.
Added new desktop menu shutdown options to fix possible shutdown issues with associated with AMD GPUs.
Added terminal copy-paste support, and many other features, by replaced desktop terminal with lxterminal
Fixed an issue that prevented claymore from selecting GPUs correctly if sel was used with only gpu0.
Updated gcc and supporting packages to allow spectre V2 mitigation for FGLRX and NVIDIA drivers.
Added a best-effort method to allow for NVIDIA X11 initialization.
Optimized ethOS stats panel graph backend.
Created a wrapper for teamviewer so that teamviewerd starts only if it has been used before.
Prevented cases where some ethOS stats panels showed incorrect rig data.
Added better support for booting from USB 3.0 drives in USB 3.0 ports.
Fixed a bug that prevented correct reporting of AMDGPU display and resolution data.
Added ability for amdmeminfo to support multiple OPENCL platforms.
Added ability for xmr-stak to support mining without assigning worker names.
Fixed an issue that prevented rig stats set to "0" from reporting to the ethOS stats panel correctly.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Added better indication of update progress to ethos-update to reduce long pauses that could be interpreted as a hang.
Optimized copy logic to reduce disk writes associated with ethos-update
Optimized ethos-update to download the least amount of data, based on current version.
Standardized and reworded progress text in ethos-update
Revamped ethOS update guide to include repair guide and separate non-problem vs problem procedures.
Added new ethOS 2-Year Anniversary background (to enable, run: sudo hotfix anniversary).
Added instructions to ethOS Knowledge Base regarding Monero mining ([1] and [2]).
Added instructions to ethOS Knowledge Base regarding installing OhGodACompany's EthLargementPill.
Added Device information for Nvidia P102-100 so that it will properly identify itself.
Added feature to find-gpu to blink LEDs on supported Nvidia GPUs.
Added notification message to ethOS stats panel whenever a new miner is released.
Added better support to identify compromised rigs and added a notification to the ethOS stats panel regarding it.
Removed dmesg errors associated with old gcc version.
Sped up license verification procedure by adding automated licence verification to ethOS stats panel.
Prevented rigs with the same name, but on different panels, from reporting to the same graph.
Added ability for ethos-readconf to print a list of acceptable parameters.
Added support for the new Micron MT51J256M32 to amdmeminfo
Added "-dual" to ethOS stats panel when claymore is set to dual mine.
Cleaned up ethOS pre-boot screen to show relevant data more optimally.
Differentiated between R9 Fury/Nano/FuryX inside the ethOS pre-boot screen.
Added references to QuickHash GUI, and new miners, to the ethOS Sources page.
Prevented teamviewer log files from filling up disk.
Implemented resolution-specific scaling to terminal on desktop.
Reduced disk writes associated with nvidia-xconfig startup.
Optimized find-gpu to increase execution speed.
Prevented PHP warnings in lga1151-flasher
Optimized PHP logic in many core ethOS processes.
Increased ethOS stats panel loading speed.

ethOS 1.3.1 changelog (released April 4th 2018)

Major Changes
Reduced GPU power consumption in many cases.
Updated all installed miners to their latest versions, resulting in increased hashrate and stability.
Created new ethos-smi tool for adjusting GPU pwr, clocks, voltage, and other parameters more reliably (see sample and dev notes).
Added reliable watt collection and live/minimum/maximum/default watts for AMDGPU (RX Series) and added it to ethOS stats panel.
Created "testing period" for bleeding edge updates (first 2000 people to update are considered bleeding edge testers).
Added support for Ravencoin (x16r and x16s) with ccminer (see http://ethosdistro.com/ccminer.txt)
Added sgminer-gm algorithm list to the ethOS sample config (see http://ethosdistro.com/sgminer-gm.txt)
Allowed lga1151 chipsets to boot more reliably with 5+ GPUs by adding the correct parameter to the GRUB bootloader.
Added command ww which displays the ethOS desktop statistics inside a terminal window.
Added a "no overclock boot option", useful if overclocks cause a crash (use remote.conf to prevent overclock-related crashes).

Bug Fixes
Optimized configmaker.com to perform more reliably.
Fixed a bug that prevented show from running properly if user was running other custom miners in other screen instances.
Fixed a bug that prevented the CPU governer from being set to "performance mode" when applicable.
Fixed cases where early GPU stats collection was too slow.
Fixed cases of amdmeminfo segfault if APU was enabled with AMDGPU.
Prevented the ethOS driver selection tool from considering AMD APUs when determining the correct driver to load.
Fixed issues related to core overclocking on 900-series NVIDIA GPUs.
Created functionality to collect and display AMDGPU (RX Series) fan RPMs more reliably.
Prevented UEFI partition from being created during disk resize if not required.
Removed EFI boot partition from new ethOS images.
Prevented the possibility of UEFI update logic from running if no UEFI partition exists.
Installed Linux 4.15 kernel, fixed many bugs associated with it, and added more robust support for it.
Fixed many bugs associated with ethos-smi and rebuilt packages from source to support it.
Fixed a problem that caused ethos-update to run slowly or improperly in some cases.
Fixed cases that prevented ethOS from booting properly due to incorrect UEFI/Legacy BIOS settings.
Fixed a bug that prevented optiminer-zcash from working with -a equihash96_5 algorithm.
Added checks to ethOS for detecting possible malware.
Updated critical system libraries to their most current versions.
Created geo-based content delivery network for update server and optimized rotation based on availability.
Added better support to users residing in China.
Added scrot for facilitating easy screenshots.
Updated Intel CPU and Ryzen CPU microcode on ethOS boot, and added packages to support the change.
Added better support to GPU make/model naming mechanism.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Reduced size of ethos-update package and optimized it to show better update progress.
Changed "#" ethOS bash prompt to "$" ethOS bash prompt (to see clear difference between root and ethos users).
Fixed cases where gethelp links showed "0" for mem/core.
Fixed a problem with claymore miners and sel that prevented GPUs over the first 9 from starting to mine.
Fixed a case where an incorrect number of GPUs would display as "mining" if sel was used.
Added log file to update-miner detailing what installations took place.
Displayed a better message in the ethOS desktop display if the rig cannot connect to the Internet.
Allowed the ethOS desktop display to properly show rig data, even if there is no Internet connection.
Added stats collection for ETH/ZEC/XMR "rejected shares", "pool switches" and "incorrect shares", where applicable.
Cleaned up package mark/hold/add/purge logic in ethos-update
If a newly created rig boots without Internet, display "noinet" instead of "newrig".
Fixed a cosmetic bug related to dstm-zcash version collection and display.
Added the 6-digit worker name / rig ID to the ethOS preboot GPU detection screen.
Removed AMD APUs from being displayed by the ethOS preboot GPU detection screen.
Added a 1-second delay to GRUB bootloader so that users have a chance to make any desired selection.
Optimized wording of find-gpu (gpu0 is the first GPU).
Cleared ethminer related log files when miner is switched.
Fixed a cosmetic error that occured if local.conf did not exist.
Moved helpme to a standalone command that prints the helpme command list, and shortened the ethOS MOTD.
Optimized wording of ethOS status conditions.
Added top 50 GPU makes/models used on ethOS to http://ethosdistro.com/versions/
Updated ethOS Knowledge Base based on addition of new features and use-cases.
Added better message to ethOS stats panel indicating that user public IP may have changed if rigs all stop reporting.
Cleaned up CDN-related update package delivery.

ethOS 1.3.0 changelog (released February 28th 2018)

Major Changes
Added support for certain AMDGPU RX series GPUs that displayed 511C and crashed via installing experimental kernels and drivers.
Added support for RX 550 via installing experimental kernels and drivers.
Added support for NVIDIA Titan V, GTX 1060 5GB, GTX 1060 Rev.2 via installing experimental kernels and drivers.
Added more support staff to #ethosdistro/Freenode IRC channel
Added /gethelp shortcut in on-rig IRC clients so that users can generate diagostics links by typing /gethelp directly in channel.
Updated all installed miners to their latest versions and added packages necessary to support them.
Created automatic driver packager for NVIDIA and created NVIDIA driver set for version 390.25.
Added CDN load balancer to ethOS download page in order to serve the ethOS download file from the server that is closest to the user.

Bug Fixes
Reduced bugs associated with running ethos-update by building CDN for serving ethos-update related files.
Optimized "update" functionality and fixed more cases where ethOS rigs failed to send updates to ethOS stats panel.
Fixed cases where ethminer hashrate under 10 megahashes would not display hashrate correctly.
Added blake2s and keccak coins to dualminer reporting.
Added better support for updating from very old ethOS versions.
Added necessary fglrx and nvidia patches to kernel 4.15
Added an automated CPU performance manager in order to reduce CPU load when running many NVDIA GPUs.
Fixed cases where ethminer proxy would not restart correctly.
Fixed many cases of false positive displays of "gpu clock problem".
Fixed a bug that caused hash collection to time out if system load was too high.
Fixed a bug that prevented stats from reporting if too many rigpools were specified.
Allowed ethOS config parameters to work even if they have preceding spaces.
Fixed a bug that prevented poolemail from applying correctly when dual mining in certain cases.
Added driver patch for USB NIC into kernel sources.
Added local JSON stats dump to /var/run/ethos/stats.json
Added install-amd-beta and install-nv-beta commands to the pull latest beta drivers from the ethOS repository.
Added hotfix command for use with future hotfixes.
Sanitized overclock values in overclock scripts.
Fixed a case where the display monitor shows yellow text and blank screen during the boot process.
Fixed regex issues associated with the poolemail config option, which had parsing problems under certain conditions.
Fixed a bug in the AMDGPU (RX) overclock script that could cause crashes if applied after booting.
Updated amdgpu-pro OPENCL stack to latest stable version.
Made configmaker.com perform more reliably by upgrading its server.
Added support for failover pools in dstm-zcash

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Added the ethOS license agreement acceptance/collection to the ethOS desktop and MOTD, which disappears once accepted.
Added prompt if user attemps to run ethos-update without a working Internet connection.
Added "possible miner stall" message to ethOS status if miner has been working for a while, but hash is zero.
Added list of any crashed GPUs into the ethOS status message.
Corrected the bash prompt hashrate display to display "0" if the miner stalled or was otherwise not mining.
Removed color codes from miner output files in gethelp diagnostic files, so that logs are easier to read.
Added warnings and advice if user attempted to use an ethOS config option as a linux command.
Allowed show miner log to automatically clear if the miner changed.
Fixed cases where the NVIDA gpulist pci bus identification was not accurate.
Fixed the "lockscreen" button on the right hand side of the taskbar in the ethOS desktop.
Revamped ethOS desktop menus and added a "hard-reboot" option into the ethOS desktop interface.
Added Shutdown and Restart buttons to ethOS desktop, which were accidentally removed in a previous version.
Added notices to ethOS desktop and ethOS status if an invalid miner is specified.
Removed silentarmy miner due to no active development from author.
Added collection method for unique rig UUID.
Added collection method for flags and dualminer_pool, and added them to the JSON API.
Added ethos-smi output to gethelp diagnostics link.
Added motherboard and BIOS version to gethelp diagnostics link, ethOS panel, and JSON API.
Added list of common ethOS commands to the ethOS Knowledge Base.
Added pci.ids for GTX 1060 5GB and GTX 1060 Rev.2
Added ethOS license agreement to ethOS download page.

ethOS 1.2.9 changelog (released January 6th 2018)

Major Changes
Fixed NVIDIA overclocking to correctly apply user-defined core overclocks (CHECK YOUR OVERCLOCK VALUES!)
Resized ethOS live image from 8 gigabytes to 5 gigabytes, to reduce the imaging time by 35%.
Built a custom tool for gathering GPU-reported parameters more reliably.
Updated all installed miners to their latest versions and added packages necessary to support them.
Updated claymore-xmr to its latest stable version (fix for ethOS 1.2.8).
Fixed an issue that caused the last GPU to mine slowly when using ethminer.
Removed 750 megabytes of cruft by cleaning up unnecessary packages.
Added ethOS config options globalname disabled and name [worker] disabled for pools that don't use worker names.
Allowed miner to restart automatically if pool or wallet changes in ethOS config, without requiring manual restart or reboot.
Removed all claymore stubs, claymore confs moved to ethOS conf with flags option (now remote.conf is possible with claymore).
Audited and prevented more ethOS disk writes, thereby increasing the longevity of the boot drive.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug that caused some worker names to have an extra period (fix for ethOS 1.2.8).
Fixed an NVIDIA-related hashrate decrease caused by ethOS-smi setting an incorrect memory clock (fix for ethOS 1.2.8).
Fixed an issue that caused iGPU to count NVIDIA GPUs incorrectly (fix for ethOS 1.2.8).
Made ethOS config reboots (reb) work more reliably.
Fixed cases where some ethOS config options did not honor comments (#) properly.
Forced cleanup of foreign line-breaks in ethOS local.conf which prevented it from working properly.
Added ability for dstm-zcash and all claymore miners to support and accept ssl:// pool URLs.
Allowed alt-tab to switch focus between browser, ethOS terminal, and ethOS fullscreen terminal without using a mouse.
Fixed cases where certain miners did not switch properly after changing ethOS config.
Fixed hashrate collection bugs that caused ccminer to report hashrates as "0".
Fixed cases where ethOS rigs failed to send updates to ethOS stats panel.
Fixed ordering of rigpool1 and rigpool2 when running dstm-zcash.
Fixed a problem associated with ethOS stats panel reporting live mining instances inaccurately.
Allowed update-miner to be more robust by supporting post-update scripts.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Added total GPU count to ethosdistro.com
Added rig counts, separated by driver, to ethosdistro.com/versions
Added documentation about removing worker names for pools that don't support them to the ethOS Knowledge Base.
Added best-effort stats collection to continue to report to ethOS stats panel despite unforseen conditions.
Added GPU crash detection to report crashed GPUs on the ethOS desktop.
Made ethOS motd (helpme) slightly smaller.
Fixed the order of core and memory clocks to continue to report properly when an NVIDIA GPU crashes.
Added remove-teamviewer for users who wish to remove teamveiwer packages.
Prompted users who have ethOS installations with known malware (from torrents) to reimage to a legitimate gpuShack version of ethOS.
Added nano guide to ethOS knowledge base.
Listed more possible parameters that ethos-readconf can accept.
Added a notification to ethOS stats panel and ethOS desktop when NVIDIA GPUs do not have all PCI-E power cables connected properly.
Made ethOS stats panel webserver perform more reliably.
Added documentation to regarding poolemail rigpool1 rigpool2 poolpass1 poolpass2 to the sample config.

ethOS 1.2.7 changelog (released November 19th 2017)

Major Changes
Updated dstm-zcash to version 0.5.5.
Added advice to Knowledge Base: Remove -tt from /home/ethos/*.stub.conf (using claymore fan control will break globalfan).

Bug Fixes
Fixed regression in UEFI bootloader which caused some rigs to be unable to boot correctly in UEFI mode.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Fixed claymore-xmr version display on stats panel.

ethOS 1.2.6 changelog (released November 17th 2017)

Major Changes
Added claymore-xmr Claymore XMR miner.
Added dstm-zcash NVIDIA equihash miner for Zcash and Bitcoin Gold, resulting in faster hashrate.
Set up dedicated server for ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added historical graphs for GPU voltages on ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added update-miners command that updates all miners on ethOS to their latest versions.
Added ethOS bootloader option "reset-config" to reset configs to stock defaults (to prevent config-caused rig crashes).
Added rigpool1 rigpool2 rigpoolpass1 rigpoolpass2 wallet "per-rig" config definitons.
Added nvflash 5.414.0 to ethOS.
Improved ethminer hashrate when running on some NVIDIA GPUs.

Bug Fixes
Fixed cases where globalfan did not set correctly on some NVIDIA GPUs.
Added better support for more installed GPUs.
Fixed logical race condition that occured if no GPUs are detected.
Added better config support for setting GPU voltage.
Updated all miners to their latest stable versions.
Fixed cases where gpu VRAM sizes were not gathered properly when over 8 GPUs are installed.
Fixed cases where pwr would not work correctly if the globaldesktop disabled config option was set.
Added better screen lock support with lockscreen enabled in config or when using lock command.
Optimized ethosdistro.com stats panel JSON API delivery.
Optimized configmaker.com service to work more reliably.
Optimized ethosdistro.com stats panel to perform more reliably.
Fixed permissions problem with claymore miners that prevented -tt option from being used.
Fixed API bind error associated with ewbf-zcash that prevented it from reporting stats.
Fixed ethminer proxy bug that prevented per-rig wallets from applying correctly.
Fixed various NVIDIA-related bugs by updating to NVIDIA driver to 384.90
Fixed cases where ethOS temperature throttling caused high system load on NVIDIA rigs.
Added support for more Intel network cards with new ixgbe driver.
Optimized rig webhook reporting.
Added support for Supermicro onboard graphics.
Fixed several iGPU failure cases.
Optimized ethminer selection based on driver, to reduce CPU usage.
Optimized find-gpu to operate its fan adjustment correctly.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Added update-miners guide to ethOS knowledge base.
Reworded ethOS preboot GPU detection screen to be less wordy.
Added GPU count to ethOS desktop display.
Optimized ethOS log cleaning functions.
Optimized ethOS hash monitoring functions.
Optimized ethOS mining monitor functions to reduce CPU usage.
Optimized collection of CPU name and Core Count, and condensed them to report more accurately in ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added "loc" in parenthesis next to rig name in ethOS desktop display (if used).
Added ethOS favico to all user-facing web pages.
Added better support for displaying NVIDIA GPUs, models/VBIOS on rig desktop, and on ethosdistro.com stats panel (under "name").
Added claymore dualminer hash reporting in ethosdistro.com stats panel in hover under "hashes"
Added tooltip to ethosdistro.com stats panels that detects possible rig hacks.
Added support for NVIDIA p10x/1070ti make/model reporting.
Added support for more RX 560 make/model reporting.
Fixed problem that prevented ccminer from reporting its version correctly.

ethOS 1.2.5 changelog (released September 15th 2017)

Major Changes
Changed ethOS team leader from kotarius to sling00 :)
Fixed NVIDIA overclocking to correctly apply user-defined memory overclocks (CHECK YOUR OVERCLOCK VALUES!)

Bug Fixes
Fixed the FGLRX error that was introduced in 1.2.4, which caused some systems to have issues with overclocking the last GPU.
Fixed edge cases where NVIDIA 9-series GPUs did not collect the correct number of core/memory clocks.
Refactored gpu-info datagather to work in edge cases where it would previously timeout.
Refactored NVIDIA overclocking to enhance reliability on edge cases.
Allowed CTRL+ALT+DELETE to reboot the rig if executed on a local keyboard.
Prevented ethos-update from allowing updates if miners are in a defunct state, or if system has been up for over one hour.
Fixed issues associated with AMDGPU overclocking when integrated GPU is enabled.
Added support for vlt option to apply correctly in per-BIOS RX series config definitions.
Added better support to poolemail config option to work better with certain pools (dwarfpool xmr and nanopool xmr).
Added better support for series-based AMDGPU (RX) overclocking.
Prevented ethos-update from overwriting /etc/ssh/sshd_config and /etc/rc.local during updates.
Prevented certain errors associated with AMDGPU overclocking.
Prevented certain errors associated with NVIDIA overclocking.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Added better support for displaying correct hashrates if sgminer-gm-xmr hashrates are high.
Fixed cases where sgminer-gm-xmr would not display correct hashrates.
Fixed average GPU temperature calculation in ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added more guides, examples, and sources to their respective locations.
Prevented ethosdistro.com stats panel from displaying bogus data if that data did not exist.
Prevented cosmetic errors from occurring on ethosdistro.com stats panel graphs when race conditions occurred.
Optimized ethosdistro.com stats panel graph data collection.
Migrated all historical graph data collection to a faster server.

ethOS 1.2.4 changelog (released September 3rd 2017)

Major Changes
Increased RX series hashrate by fixing hashrate drops caused by DAG growth.
Added ability to set voltage for RX series GPUs.
Added RX series voltage to ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Allowed NVIDIA-related overclocking for core and mem to be set by offset (+) or (-) values.
Added teamviewer (usage is optional) to ethOS and implemented required changes for it.
Moved ethosdistro.com historical graphs to dedicated server.
Updated all miners to their latest versions as of the date of this release.
Added find-gpu tool to find GPUs by revving its fan up and down (example: find-gpu 2)
Allowed per-rig wallet definition through ethOS config (see http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt)
Allowed poolemail definition for pool event notifications through ethOS config (see http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt)
Allowed RX series voltage to be controlled through ethOS config (see http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt)
Allowed claymore dualminer definition through ethOS config (see http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt)
Added ccminer to ethOS (see http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt)
Added cgminer-skein to ethOS (see http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt)
Added out-of-the-box support for Monero for NVIDIA through ccminer (see http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt)

Bug Fixes
Added RX voltage reading ability for the 4.8.x kernel series.
Allowed iGPU to be enabled for NVIDIA, allowing P106-style GPUs to work as intended.
Fixed bug that prevented driverless boot from showing a terminal prompt.
Enhanced NVIDIA-related temperature throttling.
Set ethminer flags to known good defaults for NVIDIA.
Implemented sel GPU selection via ethOS config for ewbf-zcash.
Fixed NVIDIA-related overclocking bugs by setting powertune before miner startup.
Fixed NVIDIA-related overclocking bugs by refactoring NVIDIA overclocking to occur faster and more efficiently.
Fixed amdmeminfo to properly show RX 550 GPUs.
Updated amdmeminfo to latest version so that Hynix MJR displays correctly.
Fixed ethminer hashrate collection to support the latest version.
Added cuda-devices to ewbf-zcash so that it can better detect the total amount of connected NVIDIA GPUs.
Completed disk write audit for preventing possible filesystem corruption caused by reboots.
Added more stock and custom motherboard BIOSes to BIOS update server.
Fixed authentication bug that prevented some rigs from appearing in ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added dependancies for newly added cgminer and ccminer.
Added kernel modules and patches for new kernel build.
Blacklisted kaveri APU to prevent interference with mining and reporting.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Fixed bugs related to ethminer version gathering.
Added new command force-local to disable remote.conf
Prevented integated GPU from interfering with stats collection and display.
Prevented cosmetic errors from appearing if show miner is run soon after ethOS boot.
Prevented show miner from spamming with bogus data when miner is disallowed.
Fixed NVIDIA DPI issue that caused ethOS UI to appear incorrectly on large displays.
Added hardware error notification for NVIDIA-related crashes.
Added BIOSTAR ethOS theme for all BIOSTAR motherboards.
Prevented NVIDIA crashes from sending huge error messages to ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Reduced NVIDIA-related overclocking bug log file spamming.
Optimized NVIDIA-related stats collection to be less resource-intensive.
Audited all IRC support channel directions to point to the correct IRC channel.
Added simple redirects to various ethOS knowledge base sections.
Added "volts" column, added "Driver" column, and moved pool info color coding to "IP" in ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Optimized historical graph collection and serving on ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Optimized "IP list" serving on ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Removed possibility of potential log spamming associated with NVIDIA-related logs and crashing.
Added instructions for booting USB drives with UEFI mode to ethOS knowledge base (some motherboards require this).
Added instructions for imaging ethOS boot drives for OS X to ethOS knowledge base.
Added minimum/maximum watt (powertune) settings as a hover for NVIDIA GPU watts on ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added dualminer hashes as a hover for "hashes" on ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added historical graphs for NVIDIA watts to ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added column for NVIDIA watts to ethosdistro.com stats panel.

ethOS 1.2.3 changelog (released July 4th 2017)

Major Changes
Added NVIDIA update support to ethOS 1.2.3 by repackaging NVIDIA drivers from 1,200mb to 30mb.
Added NVIDIA drivers to ethOS.
Added datagather for NVIDIA GPUs (bios, memory size, pci id number, etc).
Added ewbf-zcash to support Zcash mining on NVIDIA.
Added update-miner support to ewbf-zcash
Added driver-switching logic for NVIDIA.
Recompiled ethminer to support both NVIDIA and AMD.
Added overclocking and fan control mechanisms for NVIDIA.
Created NVIDIA-persistenced daemon for upstart and fixed udev rules for NVIDIA.
Updated Claymore to version 9.6

Bug Fixes
Fixed NVIDIA-related PID reporting to support NVIDIA overclocking.
Fixed NVIDIA GPU mining order to match ethOS GPU listing.
Fixed bug that prevented Gigabyte motherboards from flashing correctly with lga1151-flasher.
Added better method of determining certain GPU crashed states.
Added better method of sampling miner path in ethos-watchdog.
Fixed order of determining condition/ailment of rigs on ethosdistro.com stats panel.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Fixed low-resolution / fast-scroll issues during ethOS preboot process.
Added and fixed more PCI IDs to ethOS and andmeminfo to cover new GPU names.
Collect GPU watts in ethOS statitistics collector.
Prevented atitweak and aticonfig from running on RX series.
Added better method of supporting custompanel on ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added support for showing NVIDIA hashrates on ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Removed vestigial scripts.

ethOS 1.2.2 changelog (released May 26th 2017)

Major Changes
Fixed cases of 5+ GPUs not working properly on Z170/X/270/X chipsets:

Bug Fixes
Added a method to show more useful information early in the boot process.
Fixed cases where claymore miners could not detect and mine with more than 9 devices.
Modified ami afulinux bios/uefi flash tool to work properly in ethOS.
Prevented mining during motherboard firmware flashing.
Optimized the way motherboard firmware data is updated.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Added error message for aticonfig if user attempts to run it on an RX rig (aticonfig is for HD/R7/R9 series).
Added full detected GPU list to user-submitted diagnostics reports generated by gethelp.

ethOS 1.2.1 changelog (released May 1st 2017)

Major Changes
Added 5+ GPU support to Intel Z170/X/270/X Chipsets.
Switched ethosdistro.com/pool backend from Alpereum to Nanopool for better stability.
Added OhGodACompany bios mod tools to ethOS (ohgodadecode, ohgodacsumfixer).
Updated all mining programs to their latest versions as of this release.
Added support for RX 500 series.
Upgraded AMDGPU OPENCL stack to 17.10
Added overclocking support for RX 500 series GPU.
Set default pwr to "5" for AMDGPU.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where reset-config did not reset claymore-zcash config.
Fixed boot issues associated with B350 Chipset.
Allowed "off" config option to turn off miners, if it is used in config.
Allowed remote.conf to support config files existing under a 301 or 302 redirect.
Fixed cases where rig name was not assigned properly if a non-standard network interfaced was used.
Fixed a startup bug that prevented sgminer-gm from having all GPUs start and mine properly.
Fixed a bug that prevented logs from being cleaned if /var/log was out of space.
Reduced disk writes by refactored ethos-update to prevent update from starting if update-related files did not download.
Fixed a bug that prevented remote.conf from applying config properly in certain cases.
Fixed a bug that caused ethosdistro.com stats panel with many rigs to never finish loading.
Fixed cases where total hashrate was not calculated correctly in ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Fixed cases where crashed Fury/Nano GPUs did not report as crashed in ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Set GPU hashrate to show as disabled in ethosdistro.com stats panel if "off" option is used in config.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Remove non-essential kernel messages during ethOS bootup.
Added placeholder text if amdmeminfo reports null BIOS P/N.
Added CPU temperature to ethOS desktop display.
Fixed ethOS desktop display statistics alignment.
Optimized ethOS bootloader artwork and styling.
Added proper detection for 500-series GPUs in ethosdistro.com stats panel and desktop display.
Optimized update server selection in ethos-update to perform more reliably.
Optimized ethos-update code and removed unnecessary cruft.
Removed amdgpu package cruft from package lists.
Optimized driver selection and gpulist detection in ethOS preboot scripts.
Added RX/R9 warning to ethOS preboot message if both RX/R9 GPUs are detected in the same rig.
Added Recommended RAM and Detected RAM to ethOS preboot messages.
Added Micron and new Samsung GDDR5 memory types to amdmeminfo.
Reduced disk writes by preventing unnecessary log writes to /var/log/consolekit
Removed legacy update support for all ethOS versions 1.1.9 and below.
Added "night mode" and "day mode" to ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Displayed individual GPU hashrates correctly if "sel" option is used in config.
Added status condition in ethosdistro.com stats panel for total amount of autoreboots.
Improved accuracy of ethOS statistics page.
Rewrote remote.conf/local.conf guides in ethOS knowledge base.
Added Z170/X/270/X BIOS options guide to ethOS knowledge base.

ethOS 1.2.0 changelog (released Mar 16th 2017)

Major Changes
Added automatic FGLRX/AMDGPU driver detection system to ethOS startup (no more driver switching).
Prevented mixing RX/R9 series in the same rig due to: driver instability, crashing, no overclock ability, no overheat protection.
Updated ethOS to AMDGPU 16.60, resulting in a slightly increased hashrate.
Updated ethOS to kernel 4.8.17, resulting in increased stability and a slightly increased hashrate.
Updated ethOS AMDGPU overclock script, resulting in increased stability during overclocking.
Updated all mining programs to their latest versions as of this release.
Added promptless filesystem check and auto-repair to ethOS startup.
Added support for 8+ AMDGPU GPUs with headless mode (globaldesktop disabled and desktop [worker] disabled in config).
Launched configmaker.com and added instructions where necessary.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a runaway system load issue that results from incorrectly sampling GPU temperatures.
Prevented automatic restart of miners if a GPU overheated.
Added loadbalancer to ethOS update to reduce chances of errors during update.
Allowed config interpreter to silently recognize and fix spacing errors.
Fixed a case where switching between sgminer-gm and sgminer-gm-xmr did not restart miner.
Fixed a bug that prevented RX series GPUs from throttling correctly if overheated.
Fixed cases where optiminer-zcash failed to restart if it experienced a non-fatal error.
Prevented incorrect CPU temperature detection from affecting other ethOS systems.
Increased speed of ethosdistro.com stats panel by optimizing stats collection.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Added warning for "No GPUs" if booting ethOS with no GPUs detected.
Cleaned up locations and directories of mining programs.
Added instructions for installing the latest versions of miners to ethOS knowledge base.
Added video guides to ethOS knowledge base.
Reduced potential difficulty of setting dual-mining options in claymore.
Reduced potential of cosmetic errors from appearing during ethOS startup.
Modified AMDGPU kernel model to reduce cosmetic errors.
Customized ethOS kernel configuration to remove unnecessary hardware options.
Prevented situations where the on-boot GPU list got cut off by other boot process lines.
Reduced ethOS size by 100MB by cleaning up driver packages.
Reduced ethOS size by another 300MB by optimizing driver switching method.
Removed vestigial driver switching code.
Removed vestigial driver cleanup code.
Properly reported claymore hashrate as zero if a GPU is in a crashed state.
Refactored ethOS startup services to support desktopless boot, where applicable.
Removed unnecessary system startup services.
Reduced size of updater file.
Removed all references to old driver switching methodology.
Reduced disk writes by moving /tmp/ to ramdisk.
Added sorting to version numbers in ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Cleaned up the way GPU names are displayed in ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added status condition in ethosdistro.com stats panel if "[worker] off" is specified in config.
Added "R" (remote config) or "L" (local config) next to rig name in ethosdistro.com stats panel.

ethOS 1.1.9 changelog (released Jan 19th 2017)

Major Changes
Added claymore-zcash 11.1, resulting in faster zcash hashrates.
Added optiminer-zcash 1.4.0, resulting in faster zcash hashrates.
Added sgminer 5.5.5, resulting in better stability for XMR mining.
Added status notices in case hardware errors prevent mining.
Made overheat protection happen more quickly and reliably (sample GPU temperature every two seconds).

Bug Fixes
Prevented amdgpu overclocking from affecting integrated GPU.
Added more mining monitoring checks for optiminer, to attempt to continue mining in case of errors.
Fixed hashrate to only sample ETH hashrate if claymore is configured for dual-mining.
Fixed potential permissions issued associated with running reset-config.
Fixed cases where dead/sick GPUs were displayed in the incorrect order.
Fixed hard-reboot to act properly and consistently between GPU platforms.
Fixed an issue that prevented ethOS from sampling remote.conf properly during boot.
Fixed cases where old ethOS verisons would not update properly to the latest version.
Fixed cases where old ethOS versions did not install correct software packages when updating to the latest version.
Fixed an issue where ethOS would incorrectly display a command-line login prompt during boot.
Added config options to claymore and claymore-zcash that allow miner startup to perform more reliably.
Added more information to gethelp diagnostics report, and reformatted gethelp in logical order with comments.
Fixed miner version collection to work more reliably.
Fixed an issue where claymore and claymore-zcash would incorrectly show "0" for total hashrate and individual miner hashrates.
Fixed issue where sgminer-gm-xmr would not display running miner time properly on ethOS stats panel.
Fixed case where ethOS stats panel graphs would not load graphs properly.
Upgraded RAM, CPU, and software stack on ethOS stats panel, resulting in measurably faster load times.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Removed unnecessary cronjob scripts.
Removed cosmetic "can't open display" messages when running update, stats, and gethelp.
Rewrote portions of ethos-readconf and ethos-readdata to display sampled data correctly.
Separate ethos-readconf and ethos-readdata functionality, resulting in better sampling of conf and rig data.
Removed 220mb of cruft from ethOS live image.
Fix font styling on ethOS stats panel.
Added notes regarding "adl_error" (and other possible hardware errors) to knowledge base.
Added notes regarding best practice use of "pwr" and "globalpowertune" to knowledge base and ethOS sample config.
Added Monero Mining documentation to knowledge base.
Reworded documentation to reference "flags/flg" in config being able to support all miners that accept flags.

ethOS 1.1.8 changelog (released Dec 22nd 2016)

Major Changes
Added claymore miner for faster zcash mining (globalminer claymore-zcash OR miner [worker] claymore-zcash) in config.

Bug Fixes
Added ability for claymore-zcash to read ethOS config for flags and flg (useful for -i flag).
Fixed cases where ethOS boot processes prevented miner startup.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Fixed an issue where status condition was not properly written upon boot.

ethOS 1.1.7 changelog (released Dec 21st 2016)

Major Changes
Added support for XMR/Monero (examples at http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt)
Added "reset-network" command that resets the network interfaces to ethOS default.
Added new "off" config parameter that allows for the ability to prevent miner start from config (examples at http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt)
Added ability for optimizer-zcash to read ethOS config for flags and flg (useful for -i flag).
Added ability to define per-miner flags with "=" operator (examples at http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt)
Allowed automatic miner switching by changing config, prevented two different miners from running at the same time.
Upgraded optiminer to 1.1.0, resulting in faster hashrates for zcash.
Added more historical data to ethOS read-only API.
Added failsafe automatic miner restart if miner stops mining for more than 10 minutes.

Bug Fixes
Revamped "show miner" to show sgminer ncurses display more quickly.
Allowed claymore the ability to mine to nicehash if "stratumproxy nicehash" is defined in config.
Fixed blackscreen issues associated with AMDGPU driver.
Fixed an issue where ethminer would not start if no flags were defined in config.
Fixed cases where ethOS would incorrectly displayed a a login dialog box upon boot.
Revamped rig-status on-desktop display to better show current rig status.
Allowed ethminer stratum proxy to read the ethOS per-miner "=" operator-style parameter definitions.
Fixed cases where improper use of "reb" flag would result in multiple consecutive reboots.
Fixed cases where claymore would prevent mining if a single GPU crashed.
Fixed cases where claymore ETH miner would not work on all pools.
Fixed cases where hashing would stop, but would not reliably report this condition to ethOS stats panel.
Revamped ethOS startup process to perform more reliably.
Revamped GPU count functionality to perform more reliably.
Fix cases where gethelp does not return gethelp link due to potential GPU crash preventing sampling commands from running.
Revamped message/MOTD and IRC nick definition to perform more reliably.
Revamped custompanel functionality, reduced the chances of code dependency causing system-wide problems.
Allowed miners to start much earlier in the boot process, reduced the amount of waiting required for miners to start.
Fix cases where running ethos-overclock manually resulted in a delay early in the boot process.
Revamped backend code for assigning ethos config flags/flg to miners.
Revamped hash-gather methods to support the addition of future miners more quickly.
Added more cases for automatically restarting optiminer in cases that it reports crashes or errors.
Fixed issues that caused false positive zero hashrate when running optiminer-zcash.
Reduced the possibility of incorrectly applied updates by reducing DNS calls during updates.
Revamped "sel" backend code to perform more reliably.
Prevented collection of public IP if custompanel is defined in config.
Reduced the amount of public IP collection to once per boot.
Fixed cases where alive GPUs were not counted correctly by counting instances based on GPU mem clock.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Reduced the size of ethOS to be under 4gb.
Upgraded sgminer to version 5.5.4, and upgraded claymore to version 7.4
Added current miner version to ethOS stats panel.
Reduced the size of ethOS by removing un-necessary build toolchains.
Revamped logic associated with worker name definitions.
Added CPU, RAM, and sysload lines to ethOS desktop display.
Added GPU BIOS and GPU RAM to ethOS desktop display.
Optimized log cleaning to rotate ethOS logs stored in ramdisk.
Added bootlogger to all ethOS startup scripts and added bootlog output to gethelp.
Cleaned up in-ethOS GPU thread counting definitions in favor of automatic counting by mining programs.
Added individual miner instance logging outputs to gethelp.
Show rig status as a hover under "rig name" in ethOS stats panel.
Show autorebooted count as a condition under name column in ethOS stats panel.
Depricated ethos-log and its associated writes.
Cleaned up updater console and associated logging output.
Reduced the possibility of cosmetic errors when running gethelp.
Refactored output formatting of "gethelp" to display diagnostics more cleanly.
Refactored averages/totals based on miners, displayed info in a hover of "total hash" on ethOS stats panel, and in ethOS read-only API.
Added better short names to miner column to support future miners to ethOS stats panel.
Added list of miners to statistics page (http://ethosdistro.com/versions/)
Added sample RX 400 series overclocking guide to ethOS sample config (http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt)

ethOS 1.1.6 changelog (released November 18th 2016)

Major Changes
Added optiminer for faster zcash mining (globalminer optiminer-zcash OR miner [worker] optiminer-zcash) in config.
Added atiflash for flashing GPUs on ethOS instead of Windows.
Launched ethOS Ethereum pool at http://ethosdistro.com/pool/

Bug Fixes
Prevented overwrite of /home/ethos/custom.sh in case custom.sh has user-defined startup scripts.
Fixed cases where sgminer config file was not copied properly during updates.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Added counts of alive rigs and total rigs to ethOS read-only API.
Created counts of all pools used on ethOS at http://ethosdistro.com/versions/

ethOS 1.1.5 changelog (released November 15th 2016)

Major Changes
Included zcash silentarmy build from mbevand/silentarmy (better hashrates, lower CPU usage, nicehash support).
Resized ethOS live image to be able to fit on 8gb disks.
Added an auto-resizer to ethOS bootloader menu (allows users to auto-resize the ethOS partition to encompass the entire disk).
Re-implement autoreboot: if rig soft-crashes, it will autoreboot according to config (examples in http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt)
Added support for defining pools, wallets, and passwords for multiple miners (example at the bottom of http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt)

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where the total rig hashrate would display as "0" if one GPU was in a down or crashed state.
Fixed cases where ethosdistro.com stats panel was slow for some users.
Fixed cases where disk diagnostics would not run properly in the gethelp diagnostics file.
Fixed cases where overclocking would not work if a foreign miner is used.
Fixed cases where sgminer would not properly report hashrate if GPU was in a down or crashed state.
Fixed cases where sgminer-gm would not stop properly if commanded to stop.
Fixed a case where claymore ethereum miner stops mining if a single GPU crashes.
Removed openCL and driver warnings if driverless mode is enabled.
Added support for #xnsub (nicehash) for proxypool parameter in ethOS config.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Reduced size of ethOS live image contents to be less than 4gb.
Added guide for adding new silentarmy miners.
Added guide for using pools that require login.

ethOS 1.1.4 changelog (released November 5th 2016)

Major Changes
Replaced zogminer miner with silentarmy miner, resulting in better hashrates and stability across all GPUs.

Bug Fixes
Fixed cases where ethos-update did not update correctly. (NEW UPDATE COMMAND!)
Fixed an issue where ethOS desktop would incorrectly prompt for login.
Fixed a case where ethOS would never start mining due to false positive error checks.
Fixed a bug that caused config not to be read correctly if extra whitespace was included.
Fixed cases where rx and tx samples were not collected accurately.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Added GPU VRAM sampling as part of ethOS startup scripts.
Added GPU VRAM to ethosdistro.com stats panel as a hover under rig name.
Made IP address clickable in ethosdistro.com stats panel, link opens a new window with ethOS rig terminal.
Fixed a cosmetic error that was printed if putconf was run as user ethos.

ethOS 1.1.3 changelog (released October 31st 2016)

Major Changes
Added browser-based terminal to allow setup and configuration of ethOS by accessing rig IP through regular PC browser.
Added support for zcash mining with zcash-miner GPU miner (instructions).
Added zcash-miner instructions to http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt (globalminer zcash-miner OR miner [worker] zcash-miner).
Added support for claymore Ethereum GPU miner.
Added claymore conf support to /home/ethos/claymore.stub.conf (for power users).
Added claymore instructions to http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt (globalminer claymore OR miner [worker] claymore).
Fixed major throttling bug that was introduced in ethOS 1.1.2, which prevented throtting (overheat protection still worked).
Added "kbps" rx/tx and miner column to ethosdistro.com stats panel, including graphs where applicable.
Added ability to set different password for failover pool for sgminer-gm.

Bug Fixes
Fixed sgminer-gm to support GPUs with no stock fans.
Fixed a case where setting config "reb" flag would crash rig if a GPU was in a crashed state while running AMDGPU driver.
Fixed cases where IRC name was not assigned properly, if logging in to IRC from rig.
Fixed cases where "ethos rigs" version displayed data incorrectly.
Fixed cases where home directory permissions were not set correctly.
Fixed an issue in ethos-update where re-applying update was not possible in some scenarios.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Added new ethOS logo backgrounds.
Revamped diagnostics scripts to perform more reliably.
Added links to /home/ethos/remote.conf and /home/ethos/local.conf to ethOS desktop root menu.
Added GPU fan RPM to ethOS on-desktop display.
Added "kbps" rx/tx and miner name to read-only API.
Optimized ethOS on-desktop display to get and display results more quickly.
Optimized size and format of ethOS on-desktop display.
Reduced size of terminal in-prompt messages.
Formatted output of "helpme" command to be more clear.
Adjusted colors of GPU hashes in ethosdistro.com stats panel to better reflect hashrate.
Changed "ethos rigs" version graph to a two-month rotating historical backlog.
Removed "rig creation" column from ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Moved "voltages" section as a hover under "ptune" section in ethosdistro.com stats panel.

ethOS 1.1.2 changelog (released October 8th 2016)

Major Changes
Added better stability, overclocking, and driver support for RX 400 series with new linux kernel.
Increased GPU hashrate by 1.5mh+ with sgminer-gm for Hawaii/Grenada.
Added sgminer conf support to /home/ethos/sgminer.stub.conf (for power users).
Added sgminer-gm instructions to http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt (globalminer sgminer-gm OR miner [worker] sgminer-gm)
Dramatically reduced size of ethOS by removing unused packages and caches.
Reduced ethOS updater size.
Added syntax highlighting to nano that supports ethOS config style.
Added charts for total hashrate and capacity on ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added per-rig historical chart data to ethosdistro.com read-only API.
Added "pasteit" script to easily upload output of commands (df | pasteit).
Added "rig status" report to "helpme" command, and added short "rig status" messages to command prompt.
Installed joe text editor.

Bug Fixes
Fixed cases where ethOS downloads were slow.
Dramatically reduced ethOS download size with better compression method.
Added better ethOS updater download support.
Added better browser (Chromium instead of Midori).
Added better hashrate collection support by using a custom ethminer branch.
Fixed cases where new DAG would cause ethminer crash.
Revamped overclocking scripts to perform more reliably.
Revamped mining process scripts to perform more reliably.
Revamped hash monitoring scripts to perform more reliably.
Revamped config reading scripts to perform more reliably.
Revamped status detection scripts to perform more reliably.
Revamped logging scripts to perform more reliably.
Revamped local proxy scripts to perform more reliably.
Revamped driver/driverless scripts to perform more reliably.
Fixed cases where terminal would display as white window after updates from old ethOS versions.
Added better support for dual GPUs (7990, R9 295x2, etc) in amdmeminfo.
Added better support for overclocking dual GPUs (7990, R9 295x2, etc).
Moved log files to ramdisk to prevent excessive disk writes if driver is amdgpu.
Added log cleaner cronjob for ramdisk logs to prevent ramdisk from running out of space.
Fixed cases where temperature collector skipped temperatures of GPUs in certain instances.
Fixed more cases where overheat scripts would incorrectly turn off mining on GPUs that threw bogus temperature data.
Fixed cases where stats panel would incorrectly stop updating.
Prevented rig from failing to update if a GPU hang occured.
Prevent gethelp from hanging if a GPU subsystem is hung.
Changed "runlevelv" to display hardware error if a hardware error prevents booting.
Fixed cases where reboot "r" command would not reboot a rig if amdgpu driver is used.
Fixed show livestats to show sgminer stats, added prompt to escape with CTRL+A+D instead of CTRL+C.
Fixed a case where it was impossibly to run ethos-overclock and related scripts via distributed ssh.
Fixed cases where remote.conf would not import correctly and would result in a blank file.
Fixed a case where loc passed illegal unsupported characters to worker name.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Added visual feedback to ethOS updater.
Fixed cases where rigs were incorrectly reporting "read-only" disk upon initial boot.
Added better message-of-the-day and added calls to action for guides and documentation.
Added better usage instructions to /home/ethos/remote.conf
Revamped on-rig start menu to only show useful ethOS-related functions.
Fixed cases where on-rig IRC failed to choose random user names.
Created ability for on-rig IRC to remember the random user name.
Allowed ethoschat-local to launch hexchat instead of irssi for on-rig IRC.
Added more detailed information to ethOS sources page.
Added quick start guide to knowledge base.
Added custompanel guide to knowledge base.
Added driver switching guide to knowledge base.
Added potential fixes for R9 390 "no boot" issue to knowledge base.
Added event condititions associated with rig updating to ethOS stats panel.
Added current used miner (mining program) to ethOS stats panel as a hover under rig name.
Added better color coding to alive GPUs and mining instances in ethOS stats panel, in cases where GPUs are down or crashed.
Reduced width of ethOS stats panel by setting voltage indicatior to "n/a" if voltage is unreadable.
Added a notice regarding rigs aging out to "unreachable" event condition in ethOS stats panel.
Added regex to properly determine the correct GPU family for certain GPUs.
Added better estimation to capacity percentage in ethOS stats panel.
Stopped tty errors from appearing if ethos-overclock was run.
Cleaned up ethOS flat file creation.
Removed vestigial files and scripts.
Fixed a case where users were incorrectly prompted to switch drivers if integrated graphics were enabled.
Added "mine" command that references the correct usage of minestop and minestart.

ethOS 1.1.1 changelog (released August 21st 2016)

Major Changes
Rewrote the way automated overclocking is applied for RX 400 series (less chances of overclocking-related errors/failures).
Added better notifications if a driver-related rig issue occurs.

Bug Fixes
Fixed ethernet driver bug which caused some rigs to lose internet connection after updating to ethOS 1.1.x
Fixed bugs related to graphs display on ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Wrote better method for restarting miners if a DAG change causes miners to stop.
Added RX 460 support.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Added navigation to all ethosdistro.com pages.
Added total versions to versions chart, and published versions chart.
Added color-coder individual GPU hashes (lowest to highest is red to blue).
Added color-coded IP address on ethosdistro.com stats panel based on selected driver.
Added incorrectly selected driver as an event condition in ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added LAN chip to rig description as a hover under rig name.
Removed browser shortcut, browser can be started with browser command.

ethOS 1.1.0 changelog (released August 15th 2016)

Major Changes
Added support for RX 400 Series GPUs.
Added driver [worker] amdgpu (worker is 6-digit rig name) option to config file (required for RX 400 series rigs).
Added sample configs for RX 400 series at http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt (required changes).
Created functionality to switch between fglrx (not RX series) and amdgpu (RX series).
Added overclocking support for RX 400 series.
Allow driver selection to occur based on config file.
Added more GPU types to amdmeminfo memory sampling tool.
Backported AMDGPU driver to work on Ubuntu 14.04 Base.
Rewrote atisetup to allow support for more driver types.
Fixed a case where miner would stop during DAG changes, if using stratumproxy miner/nicehash in config.
Added CPU temperature graph to ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added average GPU temperature to ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added average GPU temperature historical graph to ethosdistro.com stats panel.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue associated with hashrate reporting incorrectly.
Fixed an issue associated with overheat and temperature throttling in amdgpu.
Fixed a case where amdgpu overclock would not apply properly.
Fixed a case where per-bios config did not apply correctly.
Disabled reporting hashrate to pools (only effective hashrate is a useful metric).
Removed crons in favor of daemons.
Allowed the same "loc" rack location to be used for multiple rigs in ethosdistro.com stats panel.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Allowed differentiation of RX 290/390/480/470/470 in desktop and ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Fixed ordering of GPU bios names.
Added multiple GPU miner outputs to gethelp diagnostics generator.
Removed integrated graphics CPU from GPU list in ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added better design to ethosdistro.com pages.
Moved GPU BIOS list to another page on ethosdistro.com stats panel.

ethOS 1.0.7 changelog (released July 24th 2016)

Major Changes
Added multi-threaded per-GPU miner with hashrate per GPU (pool-side effective hashrate is correct, ignore pool-side reported hashrate).
Prevented multi-threaded ethminer instances from causing undue crashes and hangs.
Allowed ethOS to continue mining on other GPUs if one GPU overheats.
Added new ethOS theme/backgrounds and optimized ethOS desktop style.
Added charts for per-gpu hashrates on the stats panel.
Added reset-config command that resets config to factory default.
Created config setting and command to boot ethOS without graphics driver, for debugging purposes.
Added ability to lock ethOS desktop.
Created script to re-update if rig did not update successfuly.
Upgraded ethminer to a new version that supports nicehash.
Added documentation for new features to http://ethosdistro.com/pool.txt and to knowledge base.
Added browser command and web browser, launches stats panel with "browser" command.
Created plan of action for RX 480 support, to be released on August 15th, 2016 with ethOS 1.1.0

Bug Fixes
Fixed cases where initial downloaders would not recieve proxy updates from source repository.
Fixed an issue where autorebooter and custompanel parameters were not being read correctly from config.
Rewrote chart collection to support more charts.
Fixed issue associated with rig creation displaying incorrect time on the stats panel.
Fixed miner instances not counting correctly on the stats panel.
Fixed an issue where overheat event conditions set miner hashrate display to zero on the stats panel.
Fixed issues associated with total hashrate calculation.
Fixed issue associated with rig incorrectly showing zero hashrate a few minutes after booting.
Adjusted stats panel webserver parameters to reduce undue system load.
Fixed a case where a false positive would enable mining, if it was disabled.
Fixed regex issues associated with powertune reporting.
Reject config if it contains xml/html, only allow plaintext configs.
Added better error reporting for remote config importing issues.
Revamped GPU counting to be more authoritative.
Created ethos-update repair and proxy repair scripts.
Allowed ethoschat to run as root user.
Fixed cases where users did not properly get upgrades during an update.
Fixed cases where certain libraries were missing during update.
Fixed the way version is sampled during updates.
Added better development branch support to reduce bugs for all future versions.
Fixed cases where overheat scripts would incorrectly turn off mining on GPUs that threw bogus temperature data.
Separated fan ramp up from overclocking and started overclock procedure after boot is deemed successful.
Fixed a case where clear-thermals did not set GPUs to default core clocks.
Fixed syntax and issues associated with multi-threaded miner.
Cleaned up hashrate sampler to report hashrates more accurately.
Rotated all miner logs to prevent potential system hang.
Fixed a case where gathering certain GPU data for gethelp caused hangs.
Fixed cases where a proxy termination notice was displayed when proxy was not actually running.
Fixed black bars associated with different monitor aspect ratios by using gradients in the background.
Fixed issues associated with multi-threaded miner stratum connections.
Fixed issues associated with preparing ethOS image for end users.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Set individual GPU hashrate to zero if GPU is not hashing.
Fixed formatting of "stats" and "update" commands.
Rewrote sample pool.txt guide to be more clear.
Rewrote support policy and its associated references.
Added better time indicators and hovers for columns associated with time data on the stats panel.
Added fan percent as a hover in the fan column on the stats panel.
Added default GPU core and default GPU mem as a hover in the core/mem columns on the stats panel.
Added current ethOS version to JSON API.
Added source verification for the ethminer version that ethOS uses at http://ethosdistro.com/source/
Added instructions for ethoschat and screen locking to knowledge base.
Added version charts at http://ethosdistro.com/versions/
Allowed users to recieve ethOS download purchases immediately.
Added gethelp servers for support staff to better assist users.
Added better ethoschat IRC software that allows IRC via SSH and in terminal.
Removed some disk writes associated with logging to allow longer disk lifespan.
Forced removal of un-used on-disk DAG files.
Added more useful logging to ethos-log.
Added check for read-only filesystem and added as an event condition in stats panel.
Moved proxy.pid file from /home/ethos/ to /var/run/
Removed on-disk DAG management script and removed references to on-disk DAG files.
Censored private key of custompanel, if custompanel is defined in config.
Fixed cases where proxy required restart, but would not restart.
Adjusted the way IRC usernames are assigned if user logs into IRC from rig.
Removed vestigial ethminer process ID and fixed the way multithreaded miner is stopped.
Reported default GPU core and mem clocks to webhook.
Report whether a rig is using a remote or a local config to webhook.
Added individual miner logs to the show miner command.
Added individual GPU hashrates to ethOS desktop display, and aligned them with GPU temperatures.
Added more system data to gethelp for better support.
Added transparent terminal to desktop, and fixed terminal desktop display issues.
Made miner startup infomation more informative.
Removed bogus errors associated with browser startup.

ethOS 1.0.6 changelog (released June 20th 2016)

Major Changes
Upgraded ethminer to Genoil's DAG in-GPU version, without using CPU/Disk.
Added IRC client in ethOS that allows to connect to #ethosdistro channel.
Added ability to define GPU mining parameters based on "class of GPU" instead of just globally and just per-rig.
Added clear-thermals command, which resets all thermal-related conditions and sets all GPU clocks back to normal.
Added "Ailments" link in ethosdistro.com stats panel to filter rigs, supports a comma-separated list of event conditions based on API.
Added "IP Search" link in ethosdistro.com stats panel to filter rigs by IP, supports a partial octet string.
Added ability to automatically reboot if rig is in a non-mining state.
Set worker name based on "loc" if "loc" is defined.
Added rig creation time column in ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added ability to boot ethOS without driver, for debugging purposes.
Added atiflash experimental GPU flashing script.
Added ability to set custom private farm ID in ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added high-resolution monitor to see GPU-related stats in realtime.
Added "farm snapshot" to ethosdistro.com stats panel that shows GPU counts.
Added charts for GPU core/memory columns, to better track GPU behavior.

Bug Fixes
Upgraded ethosdistro.com tablesorter to make sure IPs are sorted by their octets correctly.
Added automatic restart of eth-proxy if massive stale shares occur.
Fixed a case where initial boot hostname was not set correctly.
Fixed some cases where mining problems were not being properly detected by using filemtime of ethminer log file.
Fixed some cases where GPU count was not returning the correct number of detected GPUs.
Ordered the output of amdmeminfo correctly.
Allowed for more variation in sensors output from CPU temperature gathering scripts.
Fixed erroneous status updates that occur if rig is autorebooted.
Fixed transposition of GPU bios names in "g" column of ethosdistro.com stats panel if Intel onboard video is enabled.
Optimized panel load by reducing calls to database.
Fixed an issue where rig appears to be hashing, but is actually stuck.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Added ability for "show stats" command to show rig stats in console.
Added new bootloader branding art.
Added the output of amdmeminfo to ethosdistro.com API.
Added monitor resolution to ethosdistro.com API.
Removed DAG file manager.
Removed references to non-existent firefox in ethOS.
Added more 200/300 series of GPU to amdmeminfo.
Allow max of eight characters to ethosdistro.com "loc" column instead of four.
Added ADL-related error as an event condition to ethosdistro.com API if rig cannot mine due to a hardware-related problem.
Added (✖) event condition to ethosdistro.com if rig is automatically shut down.
Added better instructions for rig overclocking to knowledge base.
Added instructions for reducing chances of low effective hashrate to knowledge base.
Added instructions for DigitalOcean droplet setup to knowledge base.
Added instructions for setting static IP to knowledge base.
Added instructions for automatic rebooting to sample config.
Added instructions for custom private farm ID to sample config.
Added instructions for setting GPU mining parameters based on "class of GPU" to sample config.
Removed "time since last DAG" column from ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added information to knowledge base for best practices for securing rigs.
Added information to knowledge base for fixing GPU/riser related rig crashing.
Added clock recommendations for popular GPUs to knowledge base.
Added instructions for using ethOS IRC client.

ethOS 1.0.5 changelog (released May 4th 2016)

Major Changes
Added automatic GPU throttling system to reduce likelihood of overheating GPUs from shutting down miner.
Added automatic shutdown if a rig is in a reboot-preventing, overheated, defunct state, caused by bad hardware of bad configuration.
Added historical graphs for rig hashrate, gpu fan rpm, and gpu temperature in ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added drive make/model/serial to ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added GPU bios names to ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added "loc" column to ethosdistro.com stats panel and allowed rigs to get location/rack information from config file.
Added per-rig and per-gpu data to ethosdistro.com read-only API.
Allowed non-wallet username authentication to eth-proxy for pools that support it.
Allowed users to define which GPUs may mine with "sel" option in config.
Added hard-reboot command to use on rigs in defunct states.
Implemented better testing methodology for future releases.

Bug Fixes
Prevented situations where misreported GPU temperature causing mining to incorrectly shut down.
Fixed a case where unknown GPUs were not added to the rig's total GPU count.
Fixed a case where certain GPUs were not reporting their Make/Model correctly.
Fixed a case where eth-proxy would never connect to the primary pool.
Added error message when monitor is plugged in to wrong GPU.
Fixed a permission issue causing drive report to fail in the gethelp command.
Allowed eth-proxy to autorestart if eth-proxy requests a restart.
Allowed eth-proxy to autorestart if massive stale shares occured.
Fixed certain cases that caused rigs to send unnecessary updates to ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Made ethosdistro.com charts more responsive, fixed issues associated with chart formatting and date formatting.
Allowed charts to support intermittent rig data.
Fixed situations where running ethos-update resulted in unclean updates.
Added support for more network interfaces.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Assigned mh color in ethosdistro.com stats panel based on the pool settings (to quickly identify different pool settings at a glance).
Assigned rig color in ethosdistro.com stats panel based on the motherboard make/model (to quickly identify motherboards at a glance).
Optimized coloring and event condition indicators in ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added a message to end-user if mining is impossible due to bad or nonexistant hardware.
Fix certain cases where rigs misreported free drive space.
Changed wording of minestop description in helpme command.
Added automatic removal Xauthority config file on boot.
Added better shapeshift instructions in knowledge base.
Added instructions to fix initramfs error to knowledge base.
Moved from ethpool to ethermine as the default pool.
Standardized all developer license agreements.

ethOS 1.0.4 changelog (released Mar 31 2016)

Major Changes
Set ability to toggle between Desktop Mode and Full Screen Terminal Mode on ethOS desktop.
Added read-only json api for global stats to ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added CPU/Motherboard model to ethosdistro.com stats panel under "name" column.
Added DAG generation percentage to DAG generation event under "name" column.
Set ethOS and all logs to UTC time for better support and usability.
Allowed "show" command to show many different logs instead of just miner output.
Added GPU powertune values to ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added ability to set ethminer flags on a per-rig basis ("flg", example).
Added ability to set maxgputemp on a per-rig basis ("mxt", example).
Added experimental voltage control support for GPUs ("vlt", example).
Added tmux, mc, nload packages to ethOS.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue that caused ethOS Desktop Stats to disappear if mouse was right-clicked.
Fixed a case where hashrate was not sampled correctly during miner startup.
Prevented mining on AMD APUs.
Fixed a case where overclocking did not apply to the second GPU chip on HD 7990s.
Prevented log spam related to defining and importing remote and local configs.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Optimized ethosdistro.com stats panel for 6-gpu rigs.
Rewrote portions of Knowledge Base to be more clear.
Added more potential fixes to Knowledge Base for AMD-related issues.
Fixed a case where R9 390 was incorrectly defined as R9 290.
Resized Desktop Terminal window.
Removed various vestigial files.
Removed 200mb of OS cruft.

ethOS 1.0.3 changelog (released Mar 18 2016)

Major Changes
Fixed a case where 2G GPUs could not allocate DAG size.

Bug Fixes
Fixed instances where hash was not sampled correctly during beginning of boot process.
Fixed historical data collection that became broken in verison 1.0.2
Added "Out of Memory" conditional event in ethosdistro.com stats panel for rigs that have a hardware issue.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Added more helpful system data to gethelp command.
Rounded temprature data correctly in desktop display.
Added make/model GPU information to "G" column on ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Added pool information to "MH" column on ethosdistro.com stats panel.
Better instructions added for fixing disallowed mining instances.
Added correct reference to restart-proxy command in ethOS motd.
Added favicon to ethosdistro.com

ethOS 1.0.2 changelog (released Mar 14 2016)

Major Changes
Increased hashrates of all GPU types by 1-2mh/s
Added "gethelp" command that generates and uploads a diagnostic file to paste.ethosdistro.com
Merged and upgraded eth-proxy to latest release of v0.0.5.
Allowed setting of up to four pools in config file: 1 main, and 3 failover.
Added GPU number indicator to ethosdistro.com stats panel if a GPU overheat causes miner to stop.
Allowed rigs to disappear from ethosdistro.com stats panel if they fail to report for longer than 5 days.
Added DAG generation event to ethosdistro.com stats panel if a rig is generating a DAG file.
Added column to ethosdistro.com stats panel for time since DAG was last generated.

Bug Fixes
Fixed certain instances where eth-proxy pool failover did not work.
Fixed a case where globalmem config setting did not apply global mem clocks to all rigs.
Prevented ethos-overclock from being delayed if run manually.
Fixed an issue where some R9 300 series GPUs were not reading overclock settings properly.
Allowed remote config file to accept https:// links.
Prevented more instances of apt-get being allowed to run when called with sudo.
Fixed an issue with drive space not reporting correctly in cases where users have more than one drive.
Fixed an issue where minestart was delayed if run manually.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Wrote more instructions in http://ethosdistro.com/kb/ and added table of contents.
Removed reboot prompt during ethos-update if rig is already up to date.
Reorganized and standardized GPU make/model sampling.
Fixed an issue where certain GPU makes/models were reported ambiguously.
Fixed an issue where certain GPU makes/models were not counted correctly.

ethOS 1.0.1 changelog (released Mar 4 2016)

Major Changes
Moved /home/ethos/local to /home/ethos/local.conf and /home/ethos/remote to /home/ethos/remote.conf
Fixed an issue that caused underestimation of hashrate sampling.
Added http://xxxxxx.ethosdistro.com/ stats panel to helpme command.

Bug Fixes
Fixed many networking issues with AM3/970/990 chipsets.
Fixed issues with AM3/970/990 chipset motherboards not recognizing multiple GPUs.
Prevented grub from delaying machine boot by 30 seconds after an unclean shutdown.
Fixed interpretation of configs encoded with non-utf8 format.
Added daemon for desktop statistics to make sure it runs at all times.
Forced Local Stratum Proxy to stop and restart along with ethminer.
Added better method of sampling CPU temperature.
Fixed the way core, mem, and voltage is sampled, adjusted, and reported for R9 290.
Fixed the way "pool" parameter can be defined in local and remote configs.
Fixed an issue where some packages were not automatically installed via ethos-update.
Added an event condition when everything appears fine, but rig is not hashing.
Fixed the way GPU makes/models are collected.
Fixed issues with GPU temperature sampling and reporting.
Added ability to set powertune on GPUs.
Fixed various bugs with the ethOS statistics API.

Cosmetic Changes and Cleanup
Cleaned up ethOS motd.
Reduced the width of the Desktop Terminal Window.
Added warning message to apt-get and added apt-get-ubuntu command to prevent users from breaking ethOS.
Cleaned up and removed references to outdated commands.
Added "Check Hardware" message to startup screen in case desktop fails to load.
Reduced amount of calls to ethOS statistics API.